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Quality Consultants is a New York Special Inspection Agency. We provide inspection services for New York construction projects since 1997. We offer testing and inspection to retail, restaurant, residential, and industrial projects. Our inspectors are licensed and certified in multiple disciplines.

Our staff is well trained, friendly and professional. Quality Consultants uses reliable and consistent equipment for inspection and testing projects. For a free quote or for more information, give us a call today at 917-567-4674.

Why Choose Quality Consultants LLC

Customer Service

With Quality Consultants, you are working with one of the industry’s most reliable special inspection service agencies. When you call Quality Consultants, someone who knows this business and cares about your business is on the other line. We work hard to provide quality for all.

Fast Appointments

Ever need an inspection before completing or signing off on part of a project? Our multi-disciplined inspectors can work around your schedule. We can tailor our inspection services to meet your needs.


We have been providing various clients inspection services since 1997. With over a thousand successful inspections, Quality Consultants has built a reputation of excellence and dependability within the industry.  Many of our clients rehire us for future projects as well.

We Work With You

Our inspectors will let you know what defect or defects need to be corrected. If there’s an issue, we work to make sure project managers understand the problem and how to fix it. Clients appreciate the extra mile and insight that we bring to get your project approved faster, resolve any difficulties, and help you move on to the next phase.

We have been in business since 1997 and provided countless inspections to hundreds of different clients. Quality offers reliable inspections for various clients around the New York City area.

Past Clients
M&M World
Armani 717 Fifth Ave, New York City
Ted Baker

The above is just a small sampling of some of the clients who trusted Quality Consultants to provide efficient special inspection services.

More About Our Projects

Some of Our Services
  • Steel (Stability, Bolting, Welding)
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Structural Masonry
  • Soils
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Energy Code Compliance
  • Sprayed Fire-Resistive Materials
  • Firestop/Draftstop

We also provide Customized Services on request

More About Our Services

A special inspection agency or SIA is company that is hired for construction projects to ensure that specific standards are met and are up to code. Inspections must be conducted prior to the NYC Department of Buildings signing off on a project. Owners have to hire the inspection agency directly. Inspectors can’t be hired by contractors.

In New York City, projects filed after May 13 2013 require all inspections be done by a registered inspection agency. Now, the SIA’s name needs to be on the TR1. Since July 2008, NYC requirements changed to replace controlled inspections with special inspections for all construction projects. Quality Consultants is a NYC Department of Buildings registered special inspection agency as required for New York City inspections. Quality Consultants has testing and inspection licenses as required by New York.

28 W 44th Street Suite 1600
New York, New York
Phone: (917) 567-4674