Our steel inspections include bolting and welding inspections. Click here to learn more about our steel inspections.
  • Structural Stability
  • Bolting
  • Welding

Non-Destructive Testing

  • Ultrasonic
  • Weld flaws
  • Material thickness
  • Plate scans

Structural Masonry

Structural and masonry inspections have become more popular as construction projects become more intricate and complex. These inspections are important to ensure that masonry elements have been prepared correctly and according to approved drawings and NYC building codes. Click here to learn more about what’s included in structural masonry inspections.
  • Mortar mixing and placement
  • Horizontal and vertical reinforcement
  • Welding of reinforcing bars
  • Inspection of grout space before grouting
  • Mixing of site-prepared grout
  • Grouting of masonry or prestressed tendons
  • Preparation of test specimens
  • Cold and hot weather protection


  • Soil borings to determine allowable bearing capacity
  • Verification of site prep
  • Bearing capacity tests on footing areas
  • Verify fill material type
  • Compaction tests
  • Inspection of pile driving
  • Inspection of drilled piers

Other Services:

We also provide Customized Services on request